The Nile Rodgers/Chic Oz tour and gig in Melbourne…


I have been chilling out for the past week, and taking a break from my music so I could follow the first ever Nile Rodgers & Chic tour of Australia, and be relaxed for their Melbourne show, not in recluse workaholic mode.

Well it was magical, and I am glad I took some time out, Nile Rodgers gave a great book talk on his autobiography ‘Le Freak’ at Polyester Records, and I took a little bit of video of him talking on my camera, the link is below.

People were overflowing from the venue, and one of my friends took a photo of Nile signing one of his books for me….  but she wasn’t familiar with my camera and forgot to get my face in the photo, but you can see my hair 🙂 Doesn’t matter, it was great fun.  My friends all really liked Nile’s personality and the way he talked, he is a very inspiring guy.

After the book talk/signing, I went to a cafe down a little lane way for a quick bite to eat with my friend who took the photo of my hair and Nile’s face, and as I left the cafe to go to Nile’s gig, I forgot the book and didn’t realize until I was in Swanston Street, so I raced back to get it.  Then when I got to the same place again in Swanston Street the sole fell of the heel of my left boot. Ahhhhh.  I was a bit stressed about that, as I didn’t want to slip over dancing, and those boots can be very slippery if they are not soled properly, I nearly slipped over walking down Collins Street as I headed towards a shoe repairer that I remembered was at Collins Place ages ago, but to my surprise that shop was no longer there anymore.  It was nearly 7pm anyhow, and I think all the shoe repair shops were shut.  A friend on Twitter suggested I glue the sole back on with superglue, but the only problem was I didn’t know where the sole was.  So I decided to head to the venue for the Nile Rodgers/Chic gig, and to take my boots off when I was inside the venue/hidden by the crowd, and dance in my stockings.

I met some old friends at the gig, one of whom was a very old family friend from High School, a good friend of my brothers and he used to hang out at our place a lot, so became like a surrogate brother.  His name is Simon, and he kindly helped me video some footage of the Nile Rodgers/Chic gig using both of our phones until the batteries conked out.  His partner was at gig too.  I wanted to just dance and be in the moment because I really like Nile, but Simon is not into dancing that much, however even he busted out into some dancing at that gig towards the end, as the show was phenomenal, wild, spontaneous, heartfelt and out of control 🙂

Here is some video of the Nile Rodgers/Chic gig in Melbourne on 7 March 2012….

It was a magical and wild gig, Nile looked sooooooo happy up on that stage and so did the entire band.  It was remarkable for Nile to be that happy and buoyant after his early morning visit to the hospital. The music sounded sooo much better live and there was a wonderful atmosphere of joy.

I hung around after the show with my friends, and Nile came up to say hello to us all, and gave me the sweetest kiss.

Sigh, i love that guy 🙂

Can’t wait until his next visit to Oz, he said he is coming back again. Yayyyyyyyy!

If you want to check out more photos and videos of Nile’s Melbourne visit, you will need to have a look at Nile Rodgers’ website blog entry, as I posted them all there.  Here is the link:

PS. The security guard kindly looked after my book & I put my rolled up boots there too (but he didn’t know what they were) and my feet were safely hidden in the crowd. Thank you 🙂

PPS. As Nile Rodgers & Chic are flying back the USA tomorrow, I am getting back into my workaholic recluse mode from tomorrow Oz time, as I need to finish editing those videos and mixing, etc, finalizing more songs, as well as focusing on losing weight steadily over the next months with diet and exercise.













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